We’ve all had one of those incredible moments where you pull off a feat so mind blowing it’s almost impossible to believe, all whilst desperately wishing there’d been a camera rolling. Luckily for these guys, there was. Whether it’s acing it on the golf course, hurling a water bottle across the office or simply proving you’re the best online casino player of all your friends with a single lucky bet, everyone loves a risk paying off. Check out these clips below of incredible feats of both luck, and skill.

World’s Longest Basketball Shot


This incredible video taken at Texas A&M University back in 2009 by the team over at Dude Perfect shows an incredible basketball shot from all the way at the top of the seating tier, all the way down to the hoop. What are the chances!

Wayne Rooney Bicycle Kick


This absolutely ridiculous clip from Manchester United forward Wayne Rooney in 2011 shows an incredible goal against rivals Manchester City. After a pass from his team mate Nani, Rooney leaps up for a bicycle kick, sending it flying straight past goalkeeper Joe Hart.

Upside Down Bottle Flip Challenge


This brief but incredible clip published in 2016 shows how a simple error can make a trick shot even cooler. Rather than simply landing as expected, the bottle landed upside down on its cap!

86 Foot Seated Hoop Shot


This insane clip from 2010 shows Memphis Grizzlies player Vince Carter breaking his team mates World Record for longest hoop shot sitting down at an incredible 86 foot (that’s over three London buses in length!)

Tiger Woods Hole In One


This footage shows the incredible Tiger Woods scoring a mind blowing hole in one at the 16th Hole, during the 1997 Phoenix Open. It’s said to be one of the biggest crowd responses ever in professional golf, and we can’t blame them!

Most Accurate Bow Shot Ever


This amazing albeit rather low quality clip from Asia shows an anonymous archer nailing some incredible shots through items such as an apple, an egg, and even a walnut. The icing on the cake however, is when he manages to shoot an arrow, through the end of another hollowed out arrow. How does anyone do that?!

A great "Epic Fail" you tube video, featuring the greatest moments of the year, uploaded to everyone by loyal fans who like to get a kick and laugh about everything designed to be right.. and becomes terribly wrong...

“Failures are the Pillars of Success” – so it is said. Failure is the happening which is not wanted by anybody. On the other hand, exactly the opposite is what everybody wants – success.

Epic Fails involve two words – Epic and Fail. To understand what is Epic Fail it has to be understood what is Epic and what is Fail.

Originally the meaning of the word Epic is a type of poetry, usually very long, and tells the story of the building of a nation. But nowadays Epic can be defined in different aspects. It is one of the most overused words, next to fail. We use the term Epic for something which is awesome and / or long lasting.

The word is nowadays used to mean something which is positive. So comes the terms Epic Win or Epic Failure etc. People use the terms as phrase which always follow a story about something considered as an Epic in character.

By the word Failure usually we mean the situation when we lose. This loss may be in the field of sports or studies or in any other incident. When we cannot win a football or cricket or hockey match or any other sports event we name it as a failure. When we cannot secure qualifying marks to pass in an examination we call it a failure. Even when we cannot explain our ideas to others we consider it as a failure.

But if we think deeply, Failure is not exactly what we mean. Even if we lose a match we can impress the spectators with our skills. Even if we cannot secure qualifying marks in an examination our effort can impress the people we want to impress. So in these cases we cannot consider ourselves as failed.

So Failure can be described as a situation when we cannot achieve our target which we ourselves fix. Only this situation describes the term accurately.

If we consider a situation, that a person is going to sit without even noticing where the seat is and falls down, can be consider as an Epic Failure because the situation is short, funny and at the same time has a long lasting effect as the pain of falling remains a long time, even the bones may have a fracture which may take a long time to heal up.
Failure is just a feeling that comes into our mind when we finish all work and sit idle. Our mind works with all the feedback that it receives and after completing a task when we sit and think sometimes we realize that the task which we completed was not up to the mark and could have been better. The word, “could have been better” makes us sad and induces a sense of failure in our mind. There can be many fail moments in life such as, you have been in an audition and some funny thing happened there, you did not get a job, could not meet a project deadline or have hired a wrong person.

You can find many fail moments on YouTube which you can watch easily through internet. Some of the moments might look funny and silly to you but others can be quite interesting and will help you avoid such a situation in your life. Some funny moments that you can watch online on YouTube are funny fail moments, top 5 fail moments, 7 minutes of fail moments, 20 greatest fail moments etc. You can also find some fail moments that had happened in different sports like Olympic.

Some people watch the video just for time pass but when you actually think about it, you can learn a lot. Most of the people become sad when they face a fail moment but you must consider failure as a learning process. For example, if you miss a business tender next time you will surely study more before placing your bid. You will also be careful and try to analyze the situation from different angles. There are different strategies of dealing with failure. The best way to deal with it is:

1. First try to think about the reason behind the failure.

2. Once you know the reason give the same task another try and this time make sure to give extra effort.

3. Don’t get De-motivated and start thinking what others will think about you.

4. Use the energy positively, make a proper plan and try again.

5. Just listen to your inner feeling and motivate yourself. Keep telling that when you have faced failure then win is also very close and can be achieved.
Here is a funny fail example from YouTube: